Las Vegas

This city is often called the Sin City, and the Nevada state, where it is located in, is referred to as the most tolerant state in the United States. Nevada officially legalized prostitution (in rural districts), simplified the divorce process as much as possible and allowed the gambling business. The latter is the real source of the Las Vegas fame and luxury. Gambling made of Vegas a real “pearl of the desert”, people from all over the world come here to spend, spend and spend again their money.

Las Vegas dazzles and lures by the classical idea of a chic lifestyle: blond beauties in diamonds, luxury cars, spending huge sums in a casino. Las Vegas justifies this life-style like no other city in the world. It is the capital of brilliance, chic, wealth and glamor. There is a countless number of all kinds of entertainment, nightclubs, cabaret, bars, casinos, expensive hotels – and all this attracts visitors with the brilliance of neon lights. Money loses its price and flies away in a moment. This city does not sleep either day or night, it is “up and singing” round the clock and the dark time of the day only strikes up its glorious splendor. It's hard to believe now that once this place was a lifeless desert.

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