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Airport Transfer is a taxi service for a comfortable trip from the airport to any other place and back. The best service for travelers in a new country after a long flight.

If you don’t plan to rent a car, it is highly recommended to pre-order a transfer from the airport to your hotel. Believe, you will not like the idea to use public transport with the luggage in your hands after quite an exhausting flight. Moreover, public transport goes not everywhere you need, and a taxi hired at the airport will cost about two times more than the actual market price.

How to book a transfer

The best way to book a transfer is by an international search and booking taxi engine, such as KiwiTaxi. The search system can inform you on the current transfer prices for any city and you can book a car for a specified time.


It is simple. Go to KiwiTaxi, enter your destination and time you need a car and book it. You will get an e-mail confirmation and a voucher and shortly before the trip you’ll get the information about your driver: his name and phone, the car brand and the license plate number.

Transfer fee

It depends on the car class and the total trip distance. When searching for a transfer you see the available options and prices. Usually, prices start at $15.

Sometimes reservation requires prepayment (by VISA and MasterCard), sometimes not. If you cancel the reservation no less than 24 hours before the date, your advance payment will be refunded in full. After the trip, you pay the remaining sum to the driver, usually in cash. Some taxis accept credit cards, but you had better get some cash at the airport upon arrival.

Meeting the driver

Do not worry, the driver will find you himself. Ordering a taxi specify your flight number, and the driver will wait for you at the arrival area and hold sign with your name. If you order a transfer to the airport from your hotel, specify its address and the driver will meet you on the street or in the hotel lobby.

In any case, you know the driver's phone, and he knows yours. In case of any delay or other problems, call or email him.

We wish you a good trip!