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We always try to rent a car. Car gives undeniable advantages: high mobility, economy of efforts on yor way and makes all remote locations closer. It may sound contradictory, but a rented car saves money. Freaky? Far from it!

Let me explain by an example. Only on a small island everything is within a walking distance. In other places a rental car allows you to visit a lot of distant points timeeffective, and to save your energy. Now you can count the money you would spend for taxi to get to the same places.

Yes, you can use public transport and it saves money, but you lose your precious time especially if your holiday is less than a month. Calculate your total budget for the trip (including flight and accommodation costs) and divide it by the number of holiday days. Got it? Now you know how much your holiday time is. Alco, it is easy to calculate how much time you spend on public transports, and what its real price is.

There are a lot of other examples how to save due to a rental car such as a trip to cheap markets for fruit and souvenirs and so on. The fact is that a rental car may save a lot, it makes a holiday trip easier and helps to extends the boundaries of your trip. Do you have a point now? Then we will tell how to find a car in the easiest way.

Where should you rent a car?

There are dozens of international car rental agencies. If we add a list of local companies in each country, then there will be hundreds or thousands names. Luckily, there are meta-search car rental services which simplify the search for all known agencies. One of the market leaders is RentalCars. For your convenience, the rental car search form is built in our website:

Fill in the form with your criteria: location and travel date, and the system will automatically scan all known rental agencies according them. You will get a list of the most profitable proposals to choose the most appropriate and to make the reservation.

Documents for car rental

To rent a car you need your passport and your driver's license. Attention: your driver's license must be in English; otherwise you need to contact the relevant authorities in your country and obtain an international standard driver's license.

One more thing: rental companies often do not accept cash, so have necessary money on your credit card. During the rent registration the company withdraws the whole rental sum and a deposit in case of the car damage or the rental agreement breach. The deposit will be returned if there is no reason for penalty.

Rent prices

The rental cost depends on many factors:

  1. The car class: the smarter the car, the higher the price.
  2. Location: of course, in rich countries the rent price is higher; the rental price is also high on the outer islands where there are few cars.
  3. Lease term: the longer the rental period, the lower the average cost per day.

Usually, a rental car price starts at $20 per day or more depending on the rental terms.


Any traffic accident could spoil your vacation, so you`d better rent a car with maximum insurance coverage, so you will have no problem, no matter what can happen with the car due to your or someone else's fault.

Car inspection before the trip

Thoroughly inspect the rental car, be sure that everything is fixed, fix even small scratches and chips on photo or video. Ask employees for the signed document covering all car defects.

Otherwise, you might be charged for those scratches and damages you have not made. Some employees earn money leaving unrepaired scratches on the car. See through the trick, record every defect officially!

Traffic rules

Learn the traffic rules of the country you are going to before the trip. Usually, the rules are the same, but there might be some peculiarities. There are countries with the left- and right-hand traffic and there may be different penalties for minor traffic violations. In conversation with a traffic inspector the most important rule is “forewarned is forearmed”.


The car gearbox is another important thing and here's why. In many countries, the traffic direction differs from one in your country. For example, Asian countries predominantly have left-hand traffic direction, while in Europe there is RHD mainly.

So, don’t take a rental car with a manual transmission if the traffic direction differs from that you are accustomed to! It is easy to get used to the opposite traffic direction, new place and the car turn signals. But it is a tricky thing to operate a new manual transmission, it is not so easy actually. It is quite unpleasant thing to feel yourself a novice driver on the road in a foreign country, so rent a car with an automatic transmission.

Have a safe trip!