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Hotel is the most convenient holiday accommodation. A good room plus daily cleaning, breakfast and other services can make life comfortable.

It is wrong belief that all good hotels are expensive. We have travelled a lot and know for sure that it is quite possible to have excellent service for low price, and vice verse, you may find a real disaster behind an elegant sign plate for high price.

In this article we will tell you how to find the best hotels for the lowest price and will give some useful tips for novice travelers.

How to book a low price room in a good hotel

Let's go into some statistics of the current online booking market. There are over a hundred of booking agencies with ten largest. These largest ones offer the same hotels and the same rooms but often for different price.

Not to get lost in all this mess there are hotel search-engines that are continuously monitoring booking services, systematizing information and visualizing the most advantageous offers for their customers.

One of the largest search engines is the HotelLook website. Its search form is built directly in our website:

Fill in the form with a country, a city, or even an individual hotel. Select arrival and departure dates, and in a click you will get the best bargain according to the current market prices.

How does HotelLook work

So, HotelLook is searching for the best bargains in the hotel market. At the moment the website cooperates with 70+ agencies, so it is impossible to look through all the information available. Here are some figures from the website:

HotelLook — Find hotel deals and discounts

Are you used to looking for hotel rooms on popular services like, Agoda and others? Compete with HotelLook: it will search through all these services for 5 seconds, and what is your time?

It's free

HotelLook search service is free. Moreover, you even need no registration, you book directly on the online booking-service you choose without intermediary of HotelLook. In such a way, if HotelLook gives the best offer, after your click you will be sent to where you can actually book a room.

Fair and square? HotelLook earns its commission on booking-services. But for you the price stays the same as if you were booking directly through the booking-service website.

Room booking tips

This section might be interesting for novice travelers. Here we are sharing our own experience:

Read the hotel guests' reviews

Do not pay much attention to hotels' adverts because they are eloquent but might be untrue. Read the hotel guests' reviews. Be sure that they are real comments of people stayed there. We always read reviews on the website as the system allows reviews only of real clients who have stayed at the hotel, so you can trust these reviews for hundred per cent.

Book a room in advance

If you want to get the best room for the lowest price, book in 2-3 months prior (the earlier, the better). Believe us, all good offers are gone first, especially in the peak season.

Check-in and check-out time

Clarify the check-in time for your room not to wait with suitcases in the hall upon arrival. The check-in time differs from hotel to hotel. The same goes for the check-out time: clarify the time you have to leave your room.

Use a transfer if possible

Sometimes hotels offer their customers free shuttles to the airport. Check this information and be sure to use the service. If there is no free shuttle service, you can order an inexpensive transfer at any point of the world, later we`ll tell you how to do it.

Hotel parking facilities

If you rent a car, say in your booking form that you need also a parking space because sometimes problems of available parking emerge , so you had better warn the staff that you need one.

Cancellation policy

There is no clear common policy, every hotel has its own regulations. Booking service must provide the information on the reserved room cancellation in its description. Usually, when booking you prepay for one night, and cancellation is free within a period before the check-in date (a week or few days before you're supposed arrival date). Otherwise, you lose the prepaid sum.

Sometimes there is no free cancellation, or there is free cancellation but only for high-class rooms. Fortunately, the market is very dynamic and competitive, and such conditions are rare.

Print out your voucher

Before the trip, print out a voucher with confirmed reservation, it will simplify and accelerate the checking into the hotel.

That's all for now. Have a nice holiday!