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Flight Radar is a flight tracking service. You can see the exact time when the plane with your friends is taking off to your destination and can get the information whether the flight is delayed.

As an amateur photographer you can take stunning pictures of landing planed at the airport of some tropical resort. So, Flight Radar offers great opportunities, and it is really interesting to use.

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How does Flight Radar work?

No magic, this service is not connected to other dispatching services. The service operates due to the air-traffic control technology - ADS-B transponders.

All civil aviation aircrafts and cargo planes are currently supplied with such transponders. The ADS-B technology was created to coordinate aircrafts movement, to provide pilots with the weather information, and so on. Every plane equipped with a transponder continuously broadcasts all the required information on the 1090 MHz radio channel, as well as transmits its current conditions: the flight number, the vessel type, the current location, speed and other data.

Flight Radar “listens” to the air with the help of its ground stations, aggregates the information on its servers and visualizes all collected flight statuses. That is the service concept.

By the way, you may participate in the project by setting an ADS-B receiver at your place. That will increase the radar coverage area and the accuracy of the flight data. For more information, visit Flight Radar Online.

The plane suddenly goes off the radar

Keep your head! That is not you have thought. Your plane might get beyond the ground stations coverage area. Attentive users have already noticed that Flight Radar doesn’t track planes over the oceans, and that is because the ground-based ADS-B receiver’s range is not more than 200-400 miles, even in case of a high-mounted antenna.

Anyway, the signal may get lost also due to an atmosphere interference or other technical malfunctions.

Mobile applications

There are official applications for Apple and Android phones with full functionality of the Flight Radar service: