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Search for cheap flights is much easier than meets the eye. Gone are the days when one had to check air-company websites to compare ticket prices. Today this problem is solved by ticket web-search engines and they have a number of other useful features. For your convenience we have built an air ticket search form directly in our website:

In this article we`ll tell you how to find cheap airline tickets and will reveal secrets which just a few seasoned travelers are aware of.

Search by date range

If you can move your trip date for a few days either way, you had better search for tickets by the date range. Often, you can save money on transferring the flight date just for one day. For example, the most expensive tickets are from Friday till Monday: most people plan their vacations on the beginning of the week and want to depart and to arrive at the weekend.

Buy a roundtrip ticket

Almost always, a roundtrip one costs cheaper than two one-way tickets . You may save up to 50% and more.

Night flights

Usually, they are cheaper than daytime ones. Most people don’t like night trips, though.

Transfer flights

A direct flight is more expensive than any transfer flight of the same direction. Change takes extra time, but saves up to 30% of the trip cost.

We like transfer flights: time passes fast in the airport’s duty-frees where one can spend the saved money with pleasure. For example, a roundtrip flight from Europe to South-East Asia for two costs about $400 more than the transfer flight of same direction with a change in the United Arab Emirates. You can buy a few bottles of excellent Arabian perfumes for $400 or anything else at the transit airport.

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The best time to buy a ticket

Usually, tickets are sold for the lowest price 2-3 months before the departure date, and are getting more expensive with each passing day. The less vacant seats, the more expensive the tickets. This is particularly so with the peak season tickets.

Sometimes airlines lower prices for a flight a day or two before your departure date if a lot of tickets are left unsold. But it is too risky to wait until the last day.

Sign up for the price reduction

You can subscribe for a price cut newsletter at JetRadar. It's easy: the system is constantly scanning the specified flight direction and will promptly notify you about ticket prices reduce. You can get info via e-mail notification and via a push-notification in your browser.

Use mobile applications

All the web-search engines have mobile apps for Apple and Android devices to be in touch. It's free and easy to use.

That’s about it. Have a good flight!