United States

The United States of America is the fourth country on the planet counting its territory size. The USA was formed as a confederation of several British colonies in the past, and now it is an amazingly multilayered and culturally diverse country. We have been there several times, and each time the States surprised us with a new and rather unexpected party.

The decorous and sedate East Coast stretches from the Florida beaches up to the bright New England maples, the mad West Coast with its cinematic Hollywood mirages and the charming "idler" San Francisco; "Spanish" California, Texas and Miami, "French" New Orleans with its antique wheeled steamers like in Mark Twain’s novels still furrowing the great Mississippi river, "British" (with some reservations, of course) Chicago, Philadelphia and Washington, and the craziest Las Vegas, growing up next to the Indian lands of Navajo, Hualapai and others.

And the royal New York culturally reigns over all this sophisticated chaos. It is the Yellow Devil city, the Big Apple and so on. By the way, they say that the reference to the Big Apple nickname was first popularized in the 1920s by John J. Fitz Gerald and nobody knows why, but now watching all New Yorkers staring into the fashionable Apple gadgets you find this nickname appropriate.

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