Promthep Cape (Laem Promthep) is a hill in Phuket where you can see the most fantastic and romantic sunsets from a huge two-level sightseeing platform. It is the south-most cape between Nai Harn and Rawai beaches.

Every evening tourists from all over the island come here to enjoy the utmost beauty of the downing sun and make astonishing photos. Believe it or not, but people meet those sunsets with great admiration and a storm of applause every evening.

Andrew is worn out under the scorching sun
Andrew is worn out under the scorching sun

How to get to Promthep Cape

Every day crowds of organized tourists come here by huge coaches. A Promthep Cape tour may enter another tour program which you can easily get at any travel agency. But the best and most pleasant way to get to the Cape is by bike or by rented car, as we did.

Patong Beach to Promthep Cape roadmap

You can reach Promthep Cape easily if you just follow the guide signs all over the island. The Cape is in the most southern part of the island, between Rawai and Nai Harn beaches, within a 5 minute way from each. Drive pass the souvenir stalls up to the parking lot, there you'll see a ladder up to the viewing platform.

During the sunset all parking lots will be occupied. So, if you decide to go by your rented car, you had better give yourself time enough and take into account that the sunset begins at about 18:30 depending on the season. We arrived at 17:40 and had some time to walk around, to take pictures of beautiful landscapes and to reserve a good place where none could bother us. It is a good idea to go down a bit to the sea because there are fewer people than near the road.

There is a meandering path from the sightseeing platform to the downhill. It is narrow and slippery and may be dangerous in the dark. It is not easy to climb back upstairs on wet pebbles, but it’s quite a fun to go down the path away from the hustle and sparkling cameras along the steep slope to the sea and to walk there in silence.

Laem Promthep is an amazingly picturesque place where the sun rays illuminate the sky in bright colors and go down to the depths of the sea. From the cape you can also see the nearby Ko Kaeo Yai Island which is famous for its temple with the Buddha’s Footprint (it can also be seen afar).

The last sun rays
The last sun rays. Photo by Andrew

Promthep Cape features

There is a two-level viewing platform with a large parking lot, numerous souvenir shops, cafes and shopping malls with food and clothing. On the top platform there is a golden dome lighthouse with a museum inside. The museum preserves and exhibits items related to the cape and lighthouse history. The museum admission is free, but no shoes allowed. Go up to the top floor of the lighthouse to overlook the beautiful boundless sea. If you are lucky, you may even see Phi Phi and other nearby islands in the distance.

The Andaman Sea panoramic view

The Andaman Sea panoramic view. Photo by Andrew

The Andaman Sea panoramic view. Photo by Andrew

In the main part of Laem Promthep there is the Brahma altar surrounded by dozens of elephant statues, the cape was named after this altar. In the opposite part of the site there is the Prince Jumborn monument, he was the founder of the first military base in Phuket.

It is a great place to watch the most beautiful sunsets, with great views of the sea and nearby islands. So, we recommend you visiting Promthep Cape!

The day was rich in events. Tomorrow will be even better!
The day was rich in events. Tomorrow will be even better! Photo by Andrew