Long Beach (Had Yao Beach) is at the east coast of Phi Phi Don. It has incredibly snow-white sand and clear aquamarine water suitable for swimming and snorkeling. Time seems to stop there and nothing prevents enjoying its peace and tranquility.

Long Beach
Long Beach. Photo by Andrew

How to get to Long Beach?

The most convenient way to get to Long Beach is to hire a typical Thai longtail boat at Tonsai Pier where they are in abundance. The way to the beach takes less than five minutes, and you can enjoy the panorama of the bay and the rocky coast of Phi Phi Don Island.

Standard cost of a boat trip is about 100-150 baht (2016). Be careful, the locals would try to "shake down" tourists to the maximum amount of money. But it is quite normal to bargain on prices. Or you can ask another boatman about the price, there are many of them.

A typical Thai longtail boat
A typical Thai longtail boat. Photo by Andrew

Also, may go to Long Beach on foot, it is not too far, but the way under the scorching sun is quite exhausting. The air is hot and stuffy, and if you suffer from heat, the way to the beach can be far from enjoyable: you practically cannot hide from the sun, shadows are rare. You go first through the village and then by a trodden path in the jungle, with ups and downs. There is almost nothing interesting on the way, so it is better to pay for a comfortable longtail boat.

Amenities and entertainments of Long Beach

Long Beach differs very much from the central Ton Sai and Loh Dalam beaches: it is probably the most comfortable place near the village. Long Beach has a chick long coastline ideal for a beach holiday. There is a lot of tropical trees around the beach where you can hide from the hot sun. Take a beach towel for sunbathing, because the sand is quite hot, though extremely pleasant and pure white.

The water there is clear and turquoise. It is shallow, the bottom is smooth and sandy, but in a few meters you can occasionally come across corals and rocks, so you had better wear beach shoes. Note, from May to October there is a low tides period with high waves and swimming is not safe. From November to April the sea is calm and there are practically no waves.

I'm on Long Beach
I'm on Long Beach. Photo by Andrew

Snorkeling at Long Beach is good, you don`t have to swim far away to admire the marine life. When coming into the water we were immediately surrounded by bevies of curious fishes of different shapes and colors. About a hundred meters from the beach there is the Hin Phae Rock, so-called Shark Point, the place you can meet hunting reef sharks.

Be aware of sea urchins, stepping on them may cause torments. We recommend to wear special rubber beach shoes or to move very carefully.

There are a few shops and cafes, you can have meal at the outdoor veranda with a gorgeous sea view.

The central part of Long Beach

The central part of Long Beach. Photo by Andrew

The central part of Long Beach. Photo by Andrew

Long Beach Hotels

There are a few Long Beach hotels of different ranks and for different budgets. It's quite a popular place for a relaxing beach holiday. It is mostly a family place and for those who want to escape big city noise. Phi Phi Beach Resort has beautiful bungalows in the tropical jungle on the hill: a great place overlooking the sea and Phi Phi Le Island.

Actually, our Long Beach impression is the best. We often came here and wished we stayed at Phi Phi Don on holiday, not at Phi Phi Cliff Beach Resort.