We have read a lot about the Phi Phi paradisiac islands and, after a very successful trip round Phuket, decided to visit Phi Phi Don. Well, Phi Phi Don turned out to be far bellow our expectation and Ton Sai Bay cannot be called a paradise. You can read our full Phi Phi Don review here.

Phi Phi Cliff Beach Resort hotel, where we decided to stop, appeared to be a very unpleasant surprise. It is a 15-minute walking distance of Ton Sai Pier. It is a nice looking hotel with the turquoise lagoon stunning view, but without any room service and good hotel amenities.

Actually, the hotel is in a great place at a mountain range immersing in greenery, the hotel rooms have the bay and island stunning views. But there are negative aspects: monkeys occupied this place. They are practically harmless in the daytime, but in the evening they become very active and even aggressive: they are noisily jumping on the hotel roof, stealing food and small things which you could carelessly leave on the table in your room.

All rooms have two exits: one to the corridor and the other to the shared terrace where holidayers have noisy evening parties. The hotel seems to be always unkempt and dirty. The elevator was also dirty and stained. Though the maids work every day, but you fail to see the results of their work: the window glasses are unclear and with fatty streaks. That is a paradox: the stuff do cleaning but with no good results at all. Maybe, this is the way the things are done here. And there is no laundry at the hotel, so we looked for it in the village.

There were some electricity problems: the power went out for a few seconds and then switched on again five or more times a day. It was our equipment risk. And the air conditioning switched off after every shock and had to be on again manually. At night it is no fun as you can imagine.

Our room

Our room was nice and spacious. It had everything you need: kitchenette, bed, refrigerator, closet, sofa, TV, air conditioning and safe; bathroom with shower, toilet, soap, towels. Maid service was every two days, towels were also changed once two days. And the room had a really gorgeous and picturesque outlook!

Christine is on the terrace
Christine is on the terrace. Photo by Andrew

The most annoying thing was the shower: the water was salty and changed its temperature sharply, from cold to hot. Actually, the whole island seemed to have the salt water problem. And water pressure changes were caused by the hotel lousy equipment! So, we gave the hotel “poor” grade! It was impossible to take a shower.

Room cleaning was not good enough either. On arrival, we found the previous guests’ hair in the shower and saw mold there. There were no hooks for towels in the bathroom, no soap dish and no cups for toothbrushes. We had to use scarce kitchen utensils in the bathroom also.


Breakfast was included in the price of staying. But the food was tasteless, meagre and stale: toasts, butter, vegetables, cheese, scrambled eggs, chiken pasta, tea, coffee, juice, some fruit. A couple of times we had upset stomach after the breakfast and stopped going to the hotel dining room. And the hotel has no restaurant. So, we had to go to the village for meal or to the nearby cafe.

Pool at Phi Phi Cliff Beach Resort

Pool at Phi Phi Cliff Beach Resort. Photo by Andrew

Pool at Phi Phi Cliff Beach Resort. Photo by Andrew


The hotel has a swimming pool. The water had unpleasant chlorine smell as if there was more chlorine than water in the swimming pool. Some tiles on the bottom were cracked and some were absent at all. There were few chaise lounges around the pool and they were shabby.