Coral Island (Koh He) is a small corner of paradise three kilometers to the south of Phuket. There is no local settlements, but a four-star hotel — Coral Island Resort. There are not many people usually: quick visit tourists, a few hotel guests and the staff.

The name of the island speaks for itself: God blessed the place for snorkeling and diving. The island underwater world is incredibly beautiful. The water is crystal clear with a turquoise shade, swimming in it is a pure pleasure.

There are two peaceful bays in the northern part of Coral Island, so the sea there is calm and closed from the southern waves. There you can visit two large beaches: Long Beach and Banana Beach.

I'm on Long Beach
I'm on Long Beach. Photo by Andrew

Long Beach

Long Beach is a tourist center of the island attracting crowds. There is a knock-down pier for excursion boats. But, if you go to the far corners of the beach, you can enjoy space and silence, relax on the sand, swim and watch the underwater world.

During the peak season Long Beach attracts a lot of excursions from Phuket, and there appear some usual beach attractions like balloon-banana riding, parachutes and others.

Banana Beach

Banana Beach is near the main beach, in the next bay. If you look at the sea from Long Beach, the path to Banana Beach in on your right, slightly to the east. Take the path through the jungle, but be sure to wear shoes, otherwise you may hurt your bare feet.

Другие части острова

Coral Island is civilized only northerly, where the bays and beaches are. This part of the island is protected from strong waves. There are ideal conditions for recreation activities: the water is warm and clean, the waves are small, the sea is shallow and the sand is soft.

Other parts of the island are covered with impenetrable tropical jungle and the coastline with boulders under strong ocean waves. Swimming there is dangerous, and walking here through the jungle is impossible.

Happy together
Happy together. Photo by Andrew

How to get to Coral Island

You can get to Coral Island only by sea. Here are a few options:

  • Enroll for a day tour to Coral Island like we did. Tours are different, ranging from a simple two-hour excursion to advanced diving tours. For details contact travel agencies in Phuket.
  • Stay in Coral Island Resort: the hotel provides a shuttle service for its guests. You will find the hotel information below.
  • Hire a tour boat on Phuket. The choice is great: from the cheapest motor boats to luxury yachts, it is all up to your budget. Actually, a motor boat trip will not be very cheap either, but you will be the master of the time and the destination according to your wish.
Coral Island on the Phuket background

Coral Island on the Phuket background. Photo by Andrew

Coral Island on the Phuket background. Photo by Andrew

Coral Island Resort

Coral Island Resort is the only hotel on Coral Island situated in its south-eastern part. The hotel is cozy and spacious, it is the perfect place for a relaxing getaway from the hustle and bustle of the civilized world. The prices will please you: a standard suit in the peak season (in 2016) was available for $50 per night.

There are private bungalows for guests. The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool where you can take diving classes (no license required). There is also a nice restaurant and a karaoke bar.