Beyond Resort Karon is the first hotel we stayed on arrival to Phuket. Over the whole stay we had never regretted our choice.

Let us tell about the hotel location: it is the only hotel in the first coastline, the nearest one to the sea on the Karon Beach. All the other hotels are placed across the street. It may seem not very important, but the guests can feel the difference: a great sea view from your room window, as well as the lush tropical greenery just next to your hotel’s door which the beach central hotels are lacking sorely!

Well, some luxury hotels like Hilton and Mövenpick have an amazing private territory with a green landscape, huge pools and many other benefits. But it is a closed ecosystem they offer to their guests, and you have no reason to leave it. We got the same luxury sea view, more freedom and easy access to the sea at the Beyond Resort Karon Hotel for less money.

<a href='/destinations/asia/thailand/phuket-karon-beach/'>Karon Beach</a> view form Beyond Resort Hotel</a>
Karon Beach view form Beyond Resort Hotel. Photo by Andrew

When we arrived a friendly reception girl served us with cold drinks and fresh fruit, and a porter parked our rented car and took the luggage up to our room. They have a parking lots at the hotel but very small, for 10 cars maximum. So, sometimes we had to give the car keys to the staff to park our car on a vacant lot.

The hotel is nice, small and clean, in the traditional Thai style: there are cute aroma lamps, beautiful orchids in vases all around and calm smooth atmosphere. All rooms have balconies overlooking the Andaman Sea. The staff is friendly and careful, ready to help any moment you need. The hotel is perfect for a calm family holiday.

Christina is in the pool
Christina is in the pool. Photo by Andrew

Hotel location

The hotel is situated conveniently: close to the sea and all useful places one needs. There are shops and cafes, bars and massage parlors, travel agencies and laundries, fruit and souvenirs shops, everything within a walking distance. There you can change your money for the local currency profitably.

The way from Phuket Airport to Beyond Resort Karon on the map:

A special hotel manager will propose a variety of tours. But keep in mind that the prices are 2-3 times higher than at any other travel agency, we say it without exaggeration. At the road near the hotel there are numerous travel agencies where you can buy the same tours much cheaper. We visited Coral Island and the Similan Islands.

In the morning, the pool is still deserted
In the morning, the pool is still deserted. Photo by Andrew

The same situation is with laundry and other hotel services: across the road there are firms wishing to do the same job several times cheaper.

The 7-Eleven store is the most popular with tourists. It is not far from the northern part of Karon Beach, you can walk there and buy any food you need, refreshment beverages and a tourist SIM card.


Breakfast time is from 6 am till 10 am. Breakfast was included in the price of our accommodation in the hotel and served on the ocean view open terrace. The food was delicious, but menu was not varied: beverages - water, coffee, tea, juices (no fresh squeezed); food — bread, toasts, scrambled eggs, fruit, vegetables, cheese, rice and chicken pasta.

The pool and the hotel's main building view

The pool and the hotel's main building view. Photo by Andrew

The pool and the hotel's main building view. Photo by Andrew

Our room

We had a standard room, but lovely and spacious, with a huge bed and a wonderful sea view. The room had everything one needs: air conditioning, a refrigerator, a mini-bar, a safe, TV, a dryer, bathrobes, a table and tea accessories.

The staff provided us with free drinking water in glass bottles daily which was a pleasure. In the bathroom there were such toiletries as soap, shower gel, shampoo, body lotion and shower caps. The transparent bathroom wall for romantic evenings deserves particular attention.

I cannot understand: the phone camera makes blurry images <i class='fa fa-shower'></i>
I cannot understand: the phone camera makes blurry images

Every day a maid cleaned the room and changed the linen for fresh and snow-white. We had a room on the ground floor with two exits. One led to the corridor and the other went directly to the pool and the beach. So, the sea was literally just a few steps from our door, which was double pleasure.


There are two hotel pools: a large one and a smaller one. The large pool is surrounded with sunbathing loungers. There were lots of them, but almost all were occupied with towels left on since the early morning. This is a crazy tradition for almost any hotel swimming pool, except for expensive exclusive hotels where guests are more civilized and restrained.

The small pool was near the bar where you can order refreshing cocktails not leaving the water and continue watching the sea. There were also several hydro-massage baths in the small pool.

Karon Beach

We rarely used the pool because of the beautiful large Karon Beach. It is a long, uncrowded beach with clear water and fine sand. Sunsets there were very beautiful.

In the jungle of the beach south end there is an excellent restaurant On The Rock, next to the Beyond Resort Karon Hotel. You can see the entire Karon from the restaurant terrace and the Thai cuisine is very tasty there. We often went there after sea swimming to admire the beautiful coastline and to hide from the hot midday sun under the lush greenery.