Today, Thailand is a wonderful country combining inimitable traditions of the ancient Asia and modern recreation facilities. This contrast of perception feels here on every turn, and any traveller seeking his own goal will find it in this enigmatic country without fail. Probably, that is why Thailand attracts so much expats who left their home and job and settled here for along.

In this blog we are trying to describe our travelling around Thailand as much detailed and colorful as possible. Something in Thailand disappointed us, but we saw a lot of surprising and magic. It is a great pleasure to remember our travelling, and further we hope to come back here not once!

The best time to visit Thailand

The Thai climate includes the dry and wet periods. Remember that Thailand covers one and a half thousand of kilometers form the north to the south, and each province differs its own seasonal and precipitation changes.

Phuket is rainy from about April to November. The most comfort period is January to February because the heat slacks, almost no rains, and the sun shines all days long.

Samui Island has different dry and wet periods. It ensures comfort stay in February to May. In other months there are a lot of rains changing into showers in November to December.

In the mainland provinces of Thailand there are neither such pronounced rainy period nor daily showers. However, the maximal precipitation falls in summer and autumn.

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