Words fail to describe the grandeur of the Seychelles. They are glorious, a perfect little paradise on earth! Here everything is superb: luxurious desert beaches, intact nature, comfortable climate, friendly and unobtrusive people, total absence of any dangers for tourists.

Usually unknown countries travels leave mixed emotions. In your memories you evaluate both negative and positive moments of your journey. But the Seychelles travel is unique because on return you are still in the state of pleasant trance and you can remember only the best since there is nothing other.

The Seychelles charmed us genuinely. That very journey inspired us to create our website to set forth such a beauty for all to see and not to hide it in our home photo archives!

The best time for the Seychelles

All year around the Seychelles weather has no extremal temperature and precipitation drops. However, wind changes its direction twice a year which affects the climate a little.

December to April is the wet season here. But it is not the same as the rainy season in Asian countries. Here are no daily showers. Usually, a rain stops very soon, and the sun starts shining in a half an hour.

The dry season lasts from the late spring till the late autumn. At this time precipitation is minimal, the humidity falls up to comfortable 70%, although it is not recommended to stay in the midday sun too long.

Any season you plan your journey to the Seychelles does not disappoint you because the archipelago islands are beyond the cyclonic belt.

Is a low-budget journey to the Seychelles possible?

The Seychelles is an expensive country for visitors. Everything is costly here, and accommodation first of all. The cheapest and moderate gest house is minimum of $100 a night. A budget tourist will find here neither hostels nor rentals. Such practice is beyond the local customs.

This can seem strange, but locals have a different philosophy. As compared to the Thais, the Seychellois are not going to take chunks of profit out of their country. On the contrary, they deliberately build proper obstacles and protect their environment. As in Singapore, the local taxes on vehicles are incredible. Beach entertainments like See Doo, parachutes and banana tubes are mostly forbidden. You will find neither skyscraper nor dense development. Paid services cannot be rendered on the beaches which also cannot be privatized.

The government make their best efforts and build natural barriers to protect wildlife. In such a way they establish the reputation of a luxury resort for the Seychelles. To come here costs much more than many other countries, but you will get everything: pure air, desert beaches, beautiful untouched coral reefs, superb sea fishing with a rich strike, etc.

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