Andrew and Christina

Sunday Everyday is a bilingual project in English and Russian. The number of our subscribers, also in the social networks, is growing rapidly with every new publication and every month.

If you have a tourist business or looking for foreign clients, or may be your product could be interesting for our subscribers, then you should contact us. We would be glad to inform our audience and to promote excellent goods!

Website advertising

Our website is a perfect platform to advertise niche websites and platforms: online stores, travel services or any goods for travellers and people of active lifestyle. We place advertising banners and links in different parts of the website: the navigation menu, the main content area and can add contextual links to relevant publications. You can place an advertisement all over the website or on specific pages: for example, the article covering a specific country or a city we have been to.

Promote your brand

Every day our website is visited by people searching answers to the questions like where to go, what to visit and what they will need in their travels. We do not write boring unemotional reviews with bare statistics, and do not place guest posts by third-party copywriters. We publish reviews based on our own experience: about the places we visited and products we tried. All our reviews are written in a lively and colorful style and have our expert assessment. Our subscribers like our reviews and they trust us. We have thousands of subscribers in social networks and every day we answer their questions and give recommendations.

If your product or business is interesting for our audience, we will gladly promote it. You can expect to get the following:

Our partners and customers

We cooperate with companies that may have interest in the subjects our website is dedicated to: tourism, recreation, sports, wellness, travelers’ equipment and accessories. There is the only demand for your product: it should be needed by our subscribers. We do not advertise products of dubious quality, illegal or not related to the subjects of our publications.

Other forms of cooperation

Our interests and competencies are wider than the website. Andrew is a professional web developer and SEO expert, Christina is a painter and a makeup artist. So, we are open to dialogue and cooperation in these fields.

Contact us

Contact us at or use other contacts, please.