Web Development and SEO are my main activity now. I am professionally engaged into websites and online service development, a frontend-development and search engine optimization (SEO).

I am a freelancer and work mostly on my own projects, but occasionally I carry out projects on a by-order basis. I am glad I can live according to my own schedule, relax whenever I want and travel a lot.

The Web brought the world economy to a new technological level and opened up new opportunities for creative people like me. It became easier than ever to create a business online, to get a passive income from it and to enjoy the profit of own idea realization.


I cannot say I am looking for a job in web development and SEO: this website was created for other reasons. But if you have an interesting idea and in need of a good IT professional, contact me! I am open to dialogue.

My professional interests and skills:

  1. Web development: PHP + MySQL, jQuery;
  2. Search engine optimization (SEO), Internet marketing;
  3. Computer networks, server administration;
  4. High load systems.

My total experience in this area is more than 10 years.

I also have software development experience in large enterprise projects: I worked for CA Technologies for three years (C ++, Java, Oracle). But that was about 10 years ago, my lifestyle has changed and such projects are of little interest for me now.

You may be planning to realize some good ideas, but do not know how to start. Contact me, at least I will try to help you with good advice.